Dextre began his career as an entertainer when he was just 8 years old, but performing magic shows in his garage for an audience of neighbors wasn't enough for him.  By the age of 10, an enterprising Dextre began staging his own haunted houses followed by juggling shows performed at church picnics and school assemblies.  Then he swiftly moved on to more advanced circus skills, some of which he is known for today.  Dextre has even been known to perform unicycling for tourists - on the rim of the Grand Canyon!

The first incarnation of the rope walking and balancing show happened at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival when Dextre was 16.  This is where he had the chance to develop his unique brand of audience interaction.  His experience with Renaissance festivals led him on a performing adventure that took him through Colorado, California, Maine, Tennessee, Florida, and everywhere in between.  Dextre crossed the United States and Canada doing shows not only at festivals but for parties, business meetings, corporate events, etc.

As a result of this nationwide exposure, Dextre took advantage of a number of exciting performance opportunities.  He provided entertainment for Pepsi at their corporate meeting, and IBM at their headquarters in Minnesota.  Dextre also performed at numerous grand openings across Minnesota for the Target Corporation.  In 1997  he toured with the L.A. Circus, which took him as far away as Japan.  He was honored to be a part of a Disney Channel special with this circus group in 1998.  In 2001, Dextre was chosen by MTV to perform for the Music Video Awards at Radio City Music Hall.

All of this success was wonderful, but Dextre was not the type to sit back and relax.  Instead, he focused on constantly improving and adding to his performance.  Soon, Dextre created a new show featuring a precarious walk up an inclined tight rope, 20 feet in the air.  He still performs this captivating stunt, but before he begins his ascent, Dextre lights the rope on fire!

In addition to ropewalking and balancing, Dextre began to juggle a chainsaw (yes, a chainsaw)!  You don't want to miss that.  Dextre's most recent addition is another brand new show featuring 400 water balloons, a roll of duct tape, and EXPLOSIVES!  You never know what will happen when Dextre gets creative.

Now it's time for Dextre to move forward once again.  Although he has a vast array of performance experience, there is still one venue he has yet to fully explore, and that is the world of indoor theater.  Dextre's current objective is to move his show and his artistic talents to theaters across the country.  If you are interested in bringing the Dextre Tripp Thrill Show to your hometown, please contact and enhance your theatrical season!

Be on the lookout for Dextre Tripp, coming soon to a theater near you!